lunes, 6 de junio de 2016

4. Bromeliads – Native varieties – Fauna & Flora of Paraguay and surroundings

To enjoy and make the most, the main thing to remember regarding the bromeliads, is that they are both; As epiphytic when they have very little land, and terrestrial bromeliads in the ground of their natural habitat. The epiphytic grows harmlessly upon another plant, such as a tree. The second kind grows on the ground, although stony deserts or chaparrals. The root system growth is quite reduced and it serves mainly as fastening device. Therefore, they are ideal to be grown in rather small pots. They need water and nutrients in abundance, which it’s absorbed through their leaves and central vessel. Most striking are their bright colors and large flowers that grow like a flame in the heart of the plant. These flowers can exhibit the most vibrant colors, red, yellow, orange, purple, and even bicolor. However, the Bromeliad is very special. It generally only blooms every two or three years. After flowering, the central rosette dies, but the advantage is that new sprouts are born around the single plant that will produce new growths. These sprouts can be transplanted to other pots when they reach a height of 15 centimeters or have been growing a few months. In addition, for the epiphytic variety, it’s recommended to treat them with acid substrate.

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